My name is James P. Bradley, I’m a 3rd generation veteran, I obtained my Masters in Finance, International Business and Policy, with over thirty years of Senior Executive Management Experience in Healthcare, and International Business. 

I was born and raised in Rhode Island in a big family of nine children, with diverse political ideologies, most embraced the ideals of John F. Kennedy, however the Democratic Party has shifted their belief system into a far left, Marxist ideology, far from the ideals of what our country was founded on which are Freedoms and Liberties guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. 

I worked thirty years in the Health Care sector modernizing and improving medical systems, as an innovative technology executive consultant helping to implement visionary plans like Tele-medicine, which made it easier for patients to reach out to their physicians, remotely and economically.

I served in the Coast Guard, Search & Rescue from 1981-1986. My father, John Bradley, who is ninety six years young, was a WWII pilot that just received a Congressional Award and Recognition for his acts of Valor and my grandfather served in WWI.