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Press Release


James P. Bradley announces his run for US Senate 2022 in California

LAGUNA NIGEL, Calif., March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — James P. Bradley, decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran, former healthcare executive and centrist Republican, today announced the launch of his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Bradley is concerned about systemic problems in California which are provoking a mass exodus of people from the state. “We used to ma ke things in California. Not justmovies and tv shows, but computers, cars, clothing, you name it! We were home to the aerospace industry. Now we’re the home of the homeless. You don’t have to be one of Elon Musk’s rocket scientists to understand why.” The seat for which Bradley is running is currently occupied by Alex Padilla, who was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to serve the duration of the term, until the general election in November 2022.

Newsom is facing a popular recall campaign, fueled by anger over heavy- handedlockdowns, which have killed businesses large and small across the state.

Bradley believes that by creating a friendlier business environment, manufacturers will be incentivized to bring home production from overseas. “It’s time to end the war on business in this state!” exclaimed Bradley. “It’s time for us all to work together to launch our California renaissance.”

After the 2020 election, Bradley reached out to watchdog organization, Election Integrity Project California (EIP-Ca), and together with thirteen other Congressional candidates in California, filed suit against former California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Governor Gavin Newsom for causing chaos last fall by removing all safeguards against election fraud by executive fiat. Bradley, EIP-Ca and the other Plaintiffs consider Padilla to be directly responsible for thousands of voting irregularities recorded by EIP-Ca volunteer observers all across California.

As a Coast Guard veteran, Bradley is particularly sensitive to the plight of veterans. “The VA in Los Angeles treats our disabled veterans no
better than disposable napkins, to be used and tossed aside.” Bradley has spent many hours listening to the stories of veterans who have
been systematically pushed out of housing at the West Los Angeles Soldiers Home to serve the agenda of political elites and their

“They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s the situation we have here in California. Our leaders should serve the people, not just
machine politicians and their cronies.”


October 26, 2020 Los Angeles, 

Ted Lieu Denies Support to West LA Veterans, Bradley Campaign Puts Lieu on Notice That There …

Local Brentwood businesses and residents have been threatened by people posing as local authorities tied to Congressman Ted Lieu to stop supporting, donating and feeding the West Los Angeles Disabled Veterans, who are forced to live on the sidewalk outside the WLA VA Soldiers Home.

James P. Bradley, decorated U.S. Coast Guard Veteran and Candidate for Congressional seat 33, has sent evidence of alleged crimes and corruption requesting POTUS, DOJ and FBI to launch an immediate investigation. “I have been working with my brothers and sisters who are disabled, homeless Veterans for a year to help resolve this issue and get media attention. Suddenly, Ted Lieu is sending email requests to Veterans asking them to join him in a virtual Town Hall? These Veterans have been left on the streets, fighting for their lives and most likely will never get Ted’s email, he should be ashamed of himself. The evidence I have seen under Lieu’s leadership is damning! Hence, I am confident with the grassroots enthusiasm, not beholden to Super PACs or big business donors like Lieu, we are winning this election, given the community’s anti-Lieu sentiment,” stated Bradley.

“We are putting Ted Lieu on notice that we will be auditing this election to make sure that the count is fair and honest for We, the People. It is time the people of district 33 are represented in Washington D.C. even though Ted Lieu has not been to work since May 26th, and has turned over his voting rights to a proxy in D.C. who is making decisions on our behalf. It is time for a change and true leadership,” Bradley continued.

On October 6th, West Los Angeles Resident Ryan Thompson who is also a volunteer for the disabled homeless Veterans, witnessed Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s staff at the encampment wearing matching “Team Kuehl” t-shirts and approximately three unmarked law enforcement vehicles with officers and a marked LA County Sheriff’s SUV harassing the disabled Veterans and stating they believed everyone in these tents were committing crimes and threatening to return and arrest them at a later date. These homeless disabled Veterans and their advocates have a positive relationship with the Sheriff’s department, but did not recognize the officers harassing them that day.

Witnesses also report the Brentwood Community Council special interest group, while posing as a local authority, is harassing local residents and businesses by phone, demanding they stop donating food, supplies, services, and/or charitable outreach for disabled homeless Veterans near the WLA Soldiers Home. Brentwood Community Council’s years of minutes evidence the special interest group attempting to eliminate Veterans from the Soldiers Home and commercialize it, which is against Federal law. Last year, BCC unsuccessfully tried to overturn Boise v. Martin the U.S. Supreme Court; a Case reaffirming, even on Appeal, that homeless persons have a right to shelter on public land in tents when there is no reasonable nearby shelter.

The WLA VA Soldiers Home is in the 90073 zip code and not in Brentwood. It is land deeded in Public Trust to the Federal Government over 133 years ago for the express, permanent and exclusive purpose of housing disabled U.S. Military Veterans.



September 21, 2020 Los Angeles

James P. Bradley, Candidate for Congress Requests DOJ, FBI Investigate Possible Сorruption and Crimes Against Homeless Veterans in Los Angeles.


James Bradley, a decorated US Coast Guard veteran, running for 33rd Congressional District has uncovered evidence of possible criminal activity involving several members of California’s Democratic establishment, involving Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Dianne Feinstein and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti at the West Los Angeles Soldiers Home, resulting in the displacement, physical and mental harm to disabled military veterans.

James Bradley, US Coast Guard veteran, running for 33rd Congressional District recently uncovered evidence of possible corruption and crimes involving several members of California’s Democratic establishment, involving Congressman Ted Lieu, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with UCLA, the Brentwood School, VetsAdvocacy and various commercial entities and other individuals which have systematically displaced scores of disabled veterans with what appears to be an intention to profiteer from the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration (WLA VA) and the land in the heart of Los Angeles donated 133 years ago to serve as the “Soldiers Home.”

Bradley, who has been endorsed by Hollywood acting legend and veterans rights advocate Jon Voight, requested an investigation into alleged crimes at the West Los Angeles VA, including land fraud, federal contempt of court, bribery, wrongful eviction, wrongful denial of services, conversion of assets, assault, battery, wrongful death illegal inhumane neurological experiments, and improper disposal of radioactive waste, resulting in harm to veterans living and/or working on the WLA VA property.

Participants in UCLA’s neurological experiments on vulnerable military veterans claim to have been paid up to $3,000 on the condition that they arrive high on methamphetamine. “This has not just predictably resulted in drug relapses among many veterans, but also increased deaths from suicide and drug overdoses,” states Bradley. Additionally, the “UCLA research project acquired a cyclotron used to create radioactive isotopes which are injected into traumatized veterans, who are then subjected to hours of PET scans. Bradley goes on to state that radioactive waste from the cyclotron has been improperly disposed of on the grounds of WLA VA, and poisoned veterans who worked nearby.”

In his letter, Bradley accuses Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu, within whose district the WLA VA is situated, of actively crafting legislation to protect entities whose presence has been deemed illegal. “At the request of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and other members of Los Angeles city government, Lieu reformed a federal land use law to allow for construction of a [Metro] Purple Line station on WLA VA” , states the Bradley request, noting that “former University of California Board of Regents Member Richard C. Blum at one time held a 75% stake in the shares of Tutor Perini Corporation, the company contracted to construct both the Westwood and VA stations on the Los Angeles Metro Purple Line.  Blum is married to Senator Dianne Feinstein.” According to media reports Blum divested from Tutor Perini to avoid conflict of interest accusations. In the case of another interloper, “U.S. District Court Judge James Otero ordered that Los Angeles Breakers Football Club cease using land that is mandated by current law only to be used to benefit veterans.” Bradley went on to state that, “On April 8, 2015, the Department of Veterans Affairs issued an eviction notice to the club, which was using approximately 150,000 square feet of VA land and a parking lot. However, Congressman Ted Lieu personally intervened to prevent the Los Angeles Breakers Football Club’s eviction from federal property, which it continues to use.
“The Bradley request for investigation mentions that it is unclear how Congressman Lieu may have directly benefited from facilitating the Metro Purple Line VA Station and rescinding LA Breakers FC’s eviction, but points out that since Ted Lieu’s election to the House of Representatives in 2014, his personal net worth has increased from $1.5 Million to over $7 Million.  Bradley warns that there are indications that the City of Los Angeles intends to turn at least parts of the Soldiers Home into an Olympic village for 2028. Furthermore, the links between Vets Advocacy (a non-profit headed by Ronald Olson, Bobby Shriver, Adm. Mike Mullen and Dan Garcia, which is directly connected to the systematic displacement of disabled veterans), Munger Tolles & Olson (Ted Lieu’s former employer and largest campaign donor) and Berkshire Hathaway, suggest that certain real estate giants may be maneuvering for first dibs on transforming the Soldiers Home property into abustling downtown Brentwood.
James Bradley whose platform is SECURITY AND LIBERTY, outlines a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and housing for LA’s homeless and pledges to “clean up the LA swamp” when he is elected to the US Congress. Calling to up root corruption, James P. Bradley emphasizes that the most important task facing all Americans is ending “the new Civil War tearing America apart.” Bradley calls for National Reconciliation: forming local and state committees of conservatives and liberals working together to bridge our ideological differences.