About Our Movement


Your Voice Matters

How often have you noticed something in your neighborhood that needs to be addressed but you don’t bother because you feel it’s pointless? How many times have you tried to make a difference, but you end up frustrated because no one listens and nothing happens?

So many have become apathetic and frustrated with politics because we don’t feel heard.

Our voices are ignored over and over on basic issues such as safety and homelessness. This is not because our leaders lack the ability to hear us, but because it’s politically convenient for them. We have incredible resources and talent in this district – but we are ignored.

This won’t change until our leadership changes.

James Bradley has brought this campaign together based on the idea of listening to the district and pulling together new ideas that the old political machines resist. James is tired of the same old politicians taking constituents for granted. This is a grassroots movement in every way. If you are interested in supporting this type of candidate, regardless of political labels, or if you are looking to make a difference on issues that really matter to you, please join us.

This is our movement, our voices, together!

Our Champion, Our Candidate

James P. Bradley entered this race because he saw critical issues, like homelessness and veterans health, being ignored by politicians playing partisan games.

This campaign has come together based on the idea that together we have unlimited potential to find community based solutions if we listen to, and respect, one another. We can be a state that leaves the old politics of bitter partisanship behind by demanding better campaigns and candidates. James is the candidate committed to brining us together in our common values of respect for individual rights merged with our love of community and country.

James is uniquely qualified to be our district’s congressional champion based on his heart of service, business experience, and proven leadership.

- Services

As a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, James Bradley has proudly served our country, having conducted search and rescue missions and trained in multi-departmental defense campaigns in coordination with the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force.

- Businessman

James earned his Multiple MBAs and has worked in the domestic and international healthcare and insurance fields in senior executive management roles for technological and service entities. He has worked closely with many physician groups and hospitals, as well as serving as a national speaker on developing technologies and implementing better practices within healthcare, insurance, and fraud protection fields. James is uniquely experienced at identifying problems within systems in order to make the necessary adjustments as needed.

– Leadership

This is a movement about our communities connecting with a leader that will listen and implement innovative community based solutions. James is this leader, ready to listen and ready to lead.

If you are ready to get rid of the toxic politics that has stumped this district for too many years, please join our movement and get involved. James can’t do this alone, we need each other.