Parental Rights Health Freedom

Protecting Parental Rights and Health Freedom

Who should make the critical decisions about parenting and healthcare for your children?

I believe that parents must have the final say about how their children are treated, or if they are treated, in our medical system.

Parents bear the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of their children.

They are the ones who must cope with any unforeseen side effects of complex treatment regimens—side effects which in some cases may last a lifetime.

No serious medical procedure is without risk.

Who decides what the best risk-benefit equation in a given case?

A medical bureaucrat or the child’s family? I think that to ask the question honestly is to answer it.

I stand behind the right of parents to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their children.

What rights do you have if not the care of your own body or your child’s?

School choice is paramount in deciding the future of our children.

The quality of education has been prime concern for parents nationwide with our rights in the selection of course content diminishing daily.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the latest of indoctrination techniques that must be addressed and ideally eliminated. Parents must always be included in determining course content for our children.

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Sacramento Team

Our campaign team is in Sacramento speaking with and providing information to the legislators on bills that negatively affect Californians.  Our goal is to be proactive in lawmaking process to protect every citizen’s constitutional rights.

We are working with other prestigious organizations such as Children’s Health Defense (CHD), VIAL and many more to collaborate efforts to stop many of the draconian bills being pushed through committees.

Here is a list of bills we are currently addressing: