Why We Fight

Why We Fight

James P. Bradley US Senate Candidate California 2022

My name is James Bradley and I am running for US Senate in California to help restore California and America to their rightful places as the pre-eminent state in the world’s best country.

I see now that our current path is not sustainable, that we have given away much of our patrimony, especially our sense of a common destiny as Americans.

I am the top Republican vote getter in the 2018 US Senatorial primary in California with 32 candidates in the race.

I have a strong background and experience in business within the healthcare industry holding positions at the executive level for over 30 years.

I currently serve as the CEO of a healthcare consulting practice advancing innovative solutions.

I am a third-generation military veteran and swore an oath to protect our country from enemies domestic and foreign.

Not just an oath, this pledge is part of my genetic make-up passed down from grandfather to me.  I embrace it and am passionate with my calling to make America First.

I have several advanced degrees.

A masters in financial management, international business and policy, with additional study in computer science and “Predictive Analytics”, a background in Health Information Technology and related fields.

But my most important qualification is simply this:

I have never been a professional politician. I’ve had a number of jobs, some while working my way through school.

All of my jobs involved delivering real services or real products to people who needed them.

I share this with you to give you a brief of my seasoning, experience and acumen to serve in the capacity as a US Senator.

Having deep and varied experience in business at the senior executive level allows me to lead, manage and get to the root of things when needed.

My goal is to win the hearts and minds of thinking, compassionate Democrats, Libertarians, Independent, as well as Republicans in a mission to Re-Unite America.

Our fellow citizens want the same unity as we do.

I think we all know in our heart of hearts that we can’t make America great again without making America whole again.

The critical issues, as I see them:

  1. the corruption in government with special interest groups and lobbyists running the show from their ‘K’ Street offices.

2.         Reduce Taxes.  California is my poster child for restoring tax sanity. We have the highest state income tax in the nation with nothing to show for it.  We have the highest State Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Estate taxes, Business Taxes, Traffic Fines, Utility Rates and many more with no end in sight.

3.         Decrease our poverty rate.  Again, California leads the way with the highest Poverty Rate in the Country with an under-funded public pension fund estimated eight times the state’s annual budget and we haven’t started funding our public retiree fund liability. But the Golden State is only one example. The problems we see in our backyard are replicated in slightly different forms across the US.

4.         Stabilize the cost of living.  The unholy duo of cost of living and taxes is “Hollowing Out” our middle class, leaving the US with one percenters and no percenters and fewer and fewer families in the middle.

5.         Enforce immigration laws.  California leads the way with the highest illegal immigrant population in the country, but virtually every state has its version of the same problem.

6.         Decrease crime.  True, crime rates are down in many areas, but we still have far too many dangerous cities.

7.         Decrease regulations making both California and the US more business friendly. The rate of new business formation across the US has been drifting down. We have to change that.

8.         Decrease personal debt and build wealth.  The confusing welter of tax laws around saving and investing discourage many Americans from pursuing sound wealth building plans. We have to make saving simple and attractive again.

9.         Reduce the welfare rolls.  Our economy is running at full throttle. Now is the time to break the welfare cycle than imprisons so many of our fellow Americans.

10.       Re-unite our citizens.  Our divisions are legion today. We have to work at finding common points of agreement, new ways to pull together instead of pulling apart.

  • I want to change that with your help.
  • I cannot do it alone.
  • I am not a politician but I am one man with a passion, vision for sanity in government and a goal to re-unite California and the US.
  • Don’t waste any more time to think about your future and our children’s future.
  • They need action and deserve a sustainable tomorrow.
  • We can make that a reality.

One final thought: when you decide which candidate to support, reflect on this—the professional politicians who helped divide our nation are not the people to bring it back together.

Thank you very much for taking time to read and let’s take back California and our great country.

James P. Bradley