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Ninth Circuit Rules Election Integrity Project®California has Standing to Challenge Constitutionality of California’s Election Laws, Regulations and Procedures

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For Immediate Release 11/21/2022, Laguna Niguel, California – The Ninth Circuit has ruled that Election Integrity Project®California (EIPCa), James Bradley (US Senate Candidate, Co Lead Plaintiff) and recent and future congressional candidates have standing to challenge the constitutionality of California’s election laws, regulations, policies and procedures that have weakened or removed integrity from the election process. Though the Constitution gives authority to state legislators to pass laws to manage elections and process ballots, EIPCa asserts they do not have carte blanche authority to pass laws that diminish the value of lawfully cast ballots.


The decision remanded the lawsuit to the lower court for discovery, which is the next phase of the litigation.


Over the last decade, California has passed laws, orders and regulations that have led to massive irregularities in the voting process, culminating in the 2020 election, when Governor Newsom authorized mailing a ballot to all “active” registrants on the voter rolls and former Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, gutted signature verification requirements. EIPCa received over 700 affidavits signed under penalty of perjury from EIPCa-trained observers who consistently reported election workers not adequately verifying signatures and, in some cases, counting ballots without signatures.


Because neither the state legislature nor Alex Padilla required uniform and secure vote casting and counting procedures, procedures were applied unevenly across counties.  EIPCa and its co-plaintiffs filed this lawsuit against Governor Newsom, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and thirteen country registrars.


“I received an overwhelming number of calls up to the 2020 election that were very concerning regarding the integrity of that election and more recently regarding the just concluded elections in the state of California. I made a promise to the voters of California that we would investigate and pursue legal action to clean up our elections in California to insure fair, transparent and honest elections. This is my oath to serve and protect every citizen’s right and our constitution,” says James Bradley, candidate for US Senate in 2024.


“This lawsuit is monumental because it is the first to challenge the constitutionality of California’s election laws and procedures, and we are the first to get past the standing issue,” says Mariah Gondeiro, the lead attorney who works for Advocates for Faith and Freedom. “If we win, California will be required to enforce secure and uniform vote casting and vote counting procedures.”


“For over a decade, Election Integrity Project®California has researched and documented every aspect of California’s election process and identified how these laws transformed the traditional Election Day into a 60-day election season fraught with easy to manipulate procedures,” says Linda Paine, President of EIPCa. “We are now seeing California-style laws in states across the country creating the same problems that have been witnessed and documented by EIPCa-trained observers in California for years.”