Meet James Bradley

My name is James P. Bradley. As a 3rd generation veteran, I’ve proudly continued the legacy of service set by my family. I hold a Masters in Finance, International Business, and Policy, and bring over three decades of Senior Executive Management expertise in Healthcare and International Business.

I’m original from Rhode Island, where I grew up in a large family of nine siblings. Our household was a melting pot of political beliefs, but many of us were inspired by the principles of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

For three decades, I’ve been at the forefront of healthcare transformation, pioneering advancements as a tech executive. I’ve played a pivotal role in introducing groundbreaking initiatives like Tele-medicine, revolutionizing the way patients connect with their doctors, making it more accessible and cost-effective.

Between 1981-1986, I served in the Coast Guard’s Search & Rescue division. Today, I hold the position of Commander in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. My father, John Bradley, a spirited ninety-eight-year-old WWII pilot, was recently honored with a Congressional Award for his valorous deeds. My grandfather, too, served our nation during WWI.


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