Today in our short time together I am going share with you 7 answers to questions that you are probably thinking or would want to ask me or any candidate

1. Who am I?
2. Why am I running?
3. Why do I think I’m a viable candidate?
4. What is my political philosophy and vision for the future?
5. The issues I will address once in office
6. Am I in full support of our President?
7. Why me and not someone else?

1. Who am I?

1.1. Let me begin by emphasizing my most important qualification—I am the outsider’s outsider. I bring my honest beliefs, not old political baggage, to this campaign. I have never been owned by anyone. I am my own man, not a front for shadowy PACs or big buck donors with their own agendas.

1.2. I’ve been a working man all my life, never a professional politician. I worked my way, over many years, to an MBA and now I get to sit in an office and work with my mind, bringing knowledge, imagination, planning, and experience to bear as the CFO of a new entrepreneurial company. Prior to that I served in the USCG for 6 years protecting our country from enemies domestic and foreign. But I’ve spent much of my life working just as much with my hands as with my head, often in cold wind and blistering sun. I know by the calluses on my hands and aching bones how hard my fellow citizens work for their money. I think about that every time the subject of taxes pops up. Professional politicians talk about billions of dollars like it’s Monopoly money. It’s not, and I will never treat your dollars, the money you earn, whether at a desk or behind a cash register or swinging a hammer, without care and respect because I’ve been there too.

2. Why am I running?

2.1. I’m running because I see so clearly the difference between the America we have today and the America our children deserve. I’m running because, not trying to improve the very essence of our currently poisoned political discourse, not caring enough to need to make a difference—well, to me, not running would be un-American.

3. Why do I think I’m a viable candidate?

3.1. So why do I think I have a snowball’s chance of winning a major election? I think America is eager to listen to a candidate who doesn’t stand up and mumble the same tired phrases, the same vague ideas that were stale two or three decades ago. I believe I’m viable because I’m not yesterday’s leftovers wrapped in PAC dollars. I think I’m viable because I’m not going to say the same things you’ve heard a million times.
3.2. I believe I’m viable because I challenge the worn-out rhetoric of the leftist elites. Tell me, friends, when was the last time a leftist Democrat in California had a new idea? Can you think of one? All I’ve heard is endless repetition of their self-serving ideas about how they can spend your money better than you can. They slipped past their sell-by date years ago. I’m the candidate who will point that out in terms no one can miss.

4. What is my overarching political philosophy and vision for the future?

4.1. I could run up a long list of issues and map disagreements and even points of strong agreement between myself and other candidates, and I’ll get to a few of the most important in a moment, but that misses the point concerning this election. Remember, senators are elected for six-year terms. The big, life or death issues of, say, 2021 may not even be on the radar screen today. What’s more important than a point by tiny point comparison of every issue in the catalog is this—I come at each question with a short list of considerations that I use to figure out my position on every political issue. These are: (a) how does this matter impact all Americans (not just favored groups, not just big checkbooks but all Americans), (b) how does this matter impact the security and long-term sustainability of America politically, economically and environmentally
(yes, I admire President Trump and usually agree with him, but I follow my own understanding of how today’s decisions impact our children, their children and generations yet unborn), (c) is my position honest– that is, can I stand in front of any assembly of Americans of all stripes and explain exactly what I think is right and why I have come to those conclusions with no mumbling or obfuscation, and (d) when I am called before God for an account of what I have done and said in this life, can I face my Creator with a clear conscience that I have acted to the best of my understanding and abilities. These are the tests that matter. And they always will.

5. The issues I will address once in office—

5.1.1. Immigration
California leads the way with the highest criminal and illegal immigrant population in the country, but virtually every state has its version of the same problem.

5.1.2. Taxation
California is my poster child for restoring tax sanity. We have the highest state income tax in the nation with nothing to show for it. We have the highest State Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Estate taxes, Business Taxes, Traffic Fines, Utility Rates and many more with no end in sight.

5.1.3. 1. Corruption
The corruption in government at Sacramento and DC with special interest groups, lobbyists and unions are at record levels never seen in our nation’s history.

5.1.4. Poverty Rate
Again, California leads the way with the highest Poverty Rate in the Country with an under-funded public pension fund.

5.1.5. Regulations
Decrease regulation making both California and the US more business friendly.

5.1.6. Welfare
Our economy is running at full throttle. Now is the time to break the welfare cycle than imprisons so many of our fellow Americans.

5.1.7. Homeless and Our Veterans
California’s homeless population is staggering and is known to be the highest in the country with those that lost their jobs over the past administration and our homeless veterans walking the streets.

5.1.8. Re-unite our citizens
Our divisions are legion today. We have to work at finding common points of agreement, new ways to pull together instead of pulling apart.

6. Am I in full support of our President?

6.1. Emphatically, yes. Do I agree with everything he says? Will I, once elected? On some issues, no. Why? I have to think in terms of what’s best for America, but more importantly I also have to think about the special needs and circumstances of our great state California. Look around. This isn’t Pennsylvania, it isn’t Iowa. As a senator from California, representing the people of this magnificent, sprawling state, I will have to temper my thinking in ways that might not seem important to a senator from Maine. Every elected official in DC has to have that kind of dual vision. I owe that to everyone in this room and the citizens up and down this state. Occasionally, this may put me at odds with the President. Not in mulish opposition, like a passel of Democrats we can all name, but here and there on matters uniquely meaningful to our state.

7. Why me and not someone else?

7.1. Think for a moment about how fortunate we are here today. We have a big roomful of qualified candidates, people you can vote for, and not just because they’re the best of what we have to offer. Every speaker at this podium has something good to offer, so why select the height challenged, bald Irish guy? My thought is this: the Democrats will have no idea what hit them. They don’t know how to deal with a totally transparent, plain speaking candidate like me who doesn’t hit the same old rhetorical tennis balls back and forth across the net the way everyone has done, election after election. I’ll challenge them in ways they haven’t been challenged before, ask questions they have no pat answers for. And I have no baggage from past terms or campaigns that they can try to turn into scandals. I’ve never even been to Russia, I’ve never voted in favor of a contributor’s checkbook, I’ve never acted for cronies and much less against you, the citizens. I’m an ordinary guy, but in times of national trial and strife, like now, it’s us ordinary people who rise to the occasion, who come out of nowhere to find a way while the old pros scratch their heads. I’m not a sunshine patriot. I’m a plain, old fashioned, unashamed, unapologetic patriot who thinks that simplicity, plain talk and transparency will trump the leftist right and proper.